Research Engine for the World (American Friends of The Hebrew University)

Producer, Art Director, Copywriter

DIRECTIVE: Build American awareness of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel's top research university; engage American Jews through AFHU's planned giving and charitable giving options.

STRATEGY: A hybrid approach: tell the stories of science and innovation emerging from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem while also illustrating planned giving rates of return. Print/digital ads ran in the American Jewish press, which directed readers to videos on

EXECUTION: Videos were produced using the University's existing video assets that had been gathered in Israel, but supplemented with original interviews filmed in New York City with visiting professors, donors, and alumni. The challenge was to tell these stories of research and innovation by fusing existing video, original interviews, and footage from Israel.

RESULT: As a result of this combined print/video approach, AFHU saw a 131% increase in requests for Charitable Gift Annuity illustrations (from an average of 6.4 requests per month to an average of 14.8 requests/month) as well as a 55% increase in the amount of donations per month (from an average of $156,841/month to $243,000/month). The rise in responses was indicative of a growing awareness of the organization, while the rise in donations reflected increased engagement with higher-income potential donors.