Creativity in Context (Marymount Manhattan College)

Associate Producer/Director, Art Director, Copywriter

DIRECTIVE: In an economic environment which has seen students and their parents questioning whether or not a liberal arts education is still worth the investment, Marymount Manhattan College sought to silence the naysayers, convince the unsure, and prove that a degree from MMC is not only worth it, but also still one of the best ways to get a start in New York City.

STRATEGY: Stake Marymount Manhattan's claim as the liberal arts college for budding creative professionals. To this end, I devised the tagline, Creativity in context, which served to illustrate the fact that a Marymount Manhattan education couples all the elements of art school or a conservatory with the practical skills and benefits of a solid liberal arts education. Production began on an accompanying video series that would highlight the spirit of creativity at the college wherever it was found.

EXECUTION: As Associate Producer/Director, I helped manage our team of editors and freelance Directors of Photography across a production schedule of several weeks to produce the series. This included conducting interviews with students, coordinating shooting schedules between the various academic departments, and overseeing post-production.

RESULT: As video content for Marymount Manhattan newly redesigned website, the Creativity in Context series attracted more high-quality applicants to Marymount Manhattan than ever before. The college's overall acceptance rate surpassed goal numbers, the brand-new Performance & Digital Media major attracted a robust class, and the Department of Theatre Arts had one of its largest-ever incoming classes. The series was so well received internally among faculty, students and alumni that the Fine and Performing Arts flagship film (below) was adapted into a 30 second TV spot that would run on PBS and other local stations, as well as on a video billboard in Times Square. 

  Accompanying print ad,  The Educated Observer , Winter 2014 (Art Direction, Copywriting)

Accompanying print ad, The Educated Observer, Winter 2014 (Art Direction, Copywriting)